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Sunbeams am

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Jelly !

As we have been reading Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly and enjoying looking at the picture of the rainbow jelly, we thought we should make jelly. In our family groups we talked about how to make jelly. Then each child had a chance to stir the different coloured jelly as the crystals dissolved. Later, as part of milk and fruit time, everyone enjoyed eating the jelly they had made. 


All of our children are now in Nursery. They have been busy playing and learning indoors and outdoors.


It has been lovely to welcome the first two groups of children into Nursery this week. They are all beginning to settle down and have enjoyed exploring indoors and outside. We have been reading Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly and Spot stories. We have also been talking about the fruit we like to eat.

We are looking forward to meeting the next groups of children who will be joining us during the coming week.


Welcome to a brand new year!

The Nursery teachers are busy completing home visits this week. Thank you to all the families who have been so welcoming to us. We are looking forward to working with you and your children.