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Welcome to Comets!

 We had a fantastic time with the animal man. We looked at the snake, tortoise, rabbit, chicken and an insect. We learnt about where there animals live, where they come from and what they like to eat. We learnt the special words, omnivore, herbivore and carnivores. Please take a look at our pictures.

Ash End House Farm

As a lovely end to our time in Comets, we went to Ash End House Farm. We enjoyed visiting the different farm animals and being able to feed the animals and stroke the animals. Mrs Iqbal and Mrs Dawson had lots of fun too! We will miss you when you go to your new class!

The Animal Man


The Royal Wedding

It has been a very busy two weeks as we learnt all about the Royal Family. We found out lots of information using books, computers and newspapers about the members of the royal family, especially Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Our continuous provision was set up with lots of activities based on the Royal Wedding. We were able to make some scones, which we ate with jam and butter. We dressed up as Kings, Queens, Prince and Princesses. We had a special royal dinner in the school hall at dinner time and then we went back in to our classroom to have a royal wedding party. We looked at our teachers wedding pictures and tried to guess who the teachers were? Eventually, we made our very own 4 tiered wedding cake! Take a look at all the fun below! Thank you to all the parents who came to our royal wedding party.



In Comets, we have been very busy looking after lost of little caterpillars. The caterpillars came in their own little containers with their special food. We used our magnifying glasses to look at the caterpillars and write some sentences about the caterpillars. We had a turn at drawing the caterpillars too! We watched how the caterpillars made their cocoon and then they became beautiful butterflies. We learnt all about symmetry because the butterflies wings are symmetrical. After a while, we all went out in to the main playground and release the butterflies. We miss you butterflies!

Our PE Lesson

We enjoy our PE lessons, taught by our PE teacher, John. This week, we learnt all about the importance of how exercise helps our bodies to be healthy and strong! We worked on our hand and eye co-ordination skills in larger and smaller movements. We practiced hitting a tennis ball with a racket and kicking a large sized football. We even had a turn at fielding, where we had to run and catch the ball, then throw it back to the bowler. It was a tough competition, but both teams managed to do well. Well done to all of Comets, who are now able to dress independently at the beginning and end of their PE lessons!

Chicks Arriving In School!

We have had some lovely little chicks delivered to us at our School. We all had a turn to go and visit the chicks who were in their incubator! We were able to see the chicks hatching out of the eggs. We learnt all about the life cycle of the chicks. Then we drew lots of chick pictures and painted the chicks. Take a look in our classroom, on the Understanding of The World Display to see our lovely work all about the chicks.

29th March 2018

Easter Surprises

On Thursday the whole school took part in an Easter Bonnet Parade in the hall. We also had a visit from a very furry Easter celebrity! Take a look at the photos below to find out more.

Easter Egg Competition

Thank you to all the children that took part in the competition. All your eggs were fabulous! Thank you to all the parents for supporting your children by helping your children to decorate their eggs. All the children that took part received a chocolate egg. Well done to everyone!

Easter Surprise

As we came in to class this morning, there was a golden egg left on our carpet! We had a guess as to who left the egg in our classroom. Then we guessed what could be inside the egg. We were very excited! We opend the egg and found a letter inside, which was addressed to Comets. You can take a look at the letter in the pictures below to see who left the golden egg in our classroom. There were chocolate lollipops hidden around the class and we all had to find our own. Then we enjoyed out cholate lollies as we ate them in class! Thank you for our chocolate lollies! 

A Special Visitor

We had a special visitor, Mrs Alilli who came to visit us with her baby. We missed Mrs Allilli and were very happy to see her again with her new born baby girl. We wish Mrs Alilli and her baby all the best and can not wait to welcome Mrs Alilli back to work! 

World Book Day 2018

Well done Comets for coming to school, dressed up as book characters! You all looked fabulous in your costumes! Can you guess which characters we are dressed up as?

Reading Buddies

Year 2, class Mercury, joined us today to read with us. Each reception child partnered up with a year 2 child and they read to us. Year 2 looked after us and helped us with our reading. 

Reading on World Book Day!

In Comets, we spent the whole day reading. We even had a try at writing our own stories and making story books.  Take a look at all of us taking part in lots of different reading activities! We love to read in Comets!

Reading Visitors in Comets!

What a lovely surprise! Mrs Pearson from Year 2 and Mrs Khan came to visit us. They read us a lovely story and we enjoyed listening to the different stories. 

Reading activities

In preparation for tomorrow, World Book Day, lots of reading activities have been set up, ready for the children to come in to.  

Music Lesson 

Every week, Mrs Phipps comes in to deliver her outstanding Music lessons with Comets! This week we explored different musical instruments and the sounds that they make.


Oh no! the bad-tempered ladybird lost its spots! In comets, we had to put the spots on the ladybird. We used the doubling method to add the spots on to the ladybird. We have now learnt, in order to double, there must be the same amount of spots on both sides of the ladybird. When we double, we add the two same numbers together. 


Funky Ladybirds

WE have been very creative in Comets. We have been painting lots of different ladybird. We used other colours instead of the classic red and black colours! Take a look at our funky and imaginative ladybirds!

The Bad-Tempered Ladybird

Our story focus for this term is the story, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird. We will be reading the story, re-telling the story using the talk for writing maps, writing bout the story and innovating the story.  Our continuous provision will be set up with activities linking to the story.  We have posted a link, so you can listen to the story with your children.

w.c. 26.2.18

Enjoying The Snow


It snowed today! We enjoyed the snow by going out in the playground. We played in the snow and made lots of snow balls. We do hope that it snows again!

Chinese New Year

Year of the dog!


Today is Chinese New Year! We hAve been learning about why Chinese New Year is celebrated and the story behind the festival. We then looked at some of the food eaten by Chinese people and the way they dress. We dressed up in traditional Chinese clothes, made Chinese lanterns, painTed dragons and wrote messages using the Chinese alphabet and numbers. 

The Winter Olympics

Today, the winter Olympics ceremony was being held in South Korea. However, we were able to watch the live ceremony in our classroom. We saw many different countries taking part in the winter Olympic games. When we saw Great Britain, we cheered for our country. We looked for the countries on the globe and then looked for our houses on Google maps. Good luck to Great Britain for the games, we hope you win lots of medals for us! 

Writing focus

Today, in Comets, we transformed our classroom! We moved all the tables around and put paper on the floor, under the tables, on the wardrobes and everywhere we could find. We spent the whole day writing tricky words, high frequency words, phase 2 and 3 sounds and some quality sentences. We even wrote out numbers, trying hard with our number recognition and formation. Take a look at all the fun and learning taking place in our classroom!

Superstars of the week

Well done to Gulli, Hasnat, Sara and Izaan for achieving a Gold and Values certificate. Well done, we are so proud of you! Our value for this term is courage! 

Owl Babies story maps

Our story maps ready for Literacy lesson! Have a try at retelling the story through the pictures!

3D Shapes

WE have been busy learning all about the properties and names of 3D Shapes. We talked about how many edges, vertices and faces the 3D Shapes have. Please take a look at the video posted below, talking about the properties of 3D Shapes. Can you find any objects at home that are 3D Shapes? A child from comets has brought in a 3D shape from home! Can you name the 3D shape?

Owl Babies

During the next three weeks, our book focus will be Owl Babies. Keep visiting our website for all the activities that we will be doing, all linking to the story. We will be reading the story and talking about what we like and dislike. We will go through the story map and innovate the story. Can you help your children by talking about the story and writing some super sentences. Remember to sound out the words, use your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. In our Maths lessons, we will be revisiting one more and introducing the children to one less and 3D shapes. Please take a look at the animated version of the story, link posted underneath!


Busy writers

In our final week of learning the story, Peace at Last, we have been reinforcing our topic through writing about the story. Take a look at all of our sentence writing. We try to remember to use our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have to sound out the words before we write, which helps us with our writing. 



Physical Development 

Take a look at one of our lesson with John, the PE teacher! We have been learning to travel and land in different ways. WE love to use the apparatus. 

Maths Workshop

Thank you to all the parents that attended our Math workshop. The children enjoyed doing all the different activities with their parents. Well done to everyone who worked very hard. We were all busy mathematicians!

Super Stars Of The Week

A huge congratulations to Yousuf for being awarded a Gold certificate and to Ghulam for a values certificate for this week. Well done! 

Peace at Last

We have enjoyed reading the story, Peace at Last in our Literacy lessons. We read the story and then talked about what we liked and disliked about the story. Then we went through the story maps, thinking of our own actions as we read along to the story. Next week, we shall be innovating the story maps by changing the settings and making our own version of the story. Can you say the words and join in with the actions with your children at home?

Christmas Party!

Comets had lots of fun playing lots of Christmas games and singing along to the lovely Christmas songs. We then sat at the tables with our friends and had lots of party food. Thank you to the parents that attended our party and joined in with the fun. 


Christmas Jumper 

We came to school, wearing our Christmas jumpers! We donated money to charity and celebrated Christmas together with our friends and teachers at school. 


Father Christmas

A Mystery in Comets?

There have been many strange things happening in Comets class.  First we had a letter from Father Claus and then Father Christmas left Comets with the Elfs washing line. Finally, we had a special delivery. It was Elf! We all had turns to look after the Elf. 

Comets Outdoor classroom

Take a look at all the learning that happens in our outdoor classroom. Learning on a larger scale!

A visit from our local PC and PCSO!

We had a visit from PC Luke Cooper and PCSO James Jerome! They came in to have a chat with us and talk about their jobs. 

Parents in to read!

A huge thank you to all the parents that come in to read with their children every Friday morning, from 8.45 am. It has made a difference to the children's reading!

Children in Need

Thank you to all the children who came dressed in their pyjamas to school. You all looked fabulous! We looked at why we have a Children in Need day and we painted lots of pictures of Pudsey, the bear.  We raised lots of money!

Remembrance Day 


Today we had one minute silence in the hall to remember all the soldiers from the War. We all had our poppies on and painted lots of pictures of the different types of poppies. We then had our tasty Remembrance Day lunch. 


Fine motor workshop

Thank you to all the parents that attended our fine motor workshop. You can find the PowerPoint on the school website.


Roald Dahl Day

Thank you to all the children that came to school dressed up in their Roald Dahl costumes!


Welcome to a brand new year!

Well done Comets! You have settled in well and have been busy learning all the rules and routines.