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Welcome to Moons!

10th December 2018

A Mystery Arrival

When we arrived at school on Monday morning, we found a very unusual sight. The lights were all out in our classroom and there was a parcel surrounded by lights in the middle of the carpet. We looked at the clues we could see and discussed what we thought had happened.


"Maybe the postman came"...

"Maybe it's magic"...

"Maybe Mrs Cooper bought a present for being good".

We opened the letter that came with our parcel to discover that our mystery package was from none other than Father Christmas himself, who had sent one of his elves to visit us.

"Be warned," the letter said, "he sometimes does silly things and can be a little bit naughty".


I think we may have to keep our eyes on this little fellow, don't you?

7th December 2018

Reading Buddies in Marlborough Junior School

On Friday morning, Moons went on an adventure to visit year 6 in the juniors and shared some story books with them. We had a wonderful time and have invited them to come and visit us soon so we can read together again. We can't wait to see all of our new friends next time!

27th November 2018

Maths Problem Solving Day

We had visitors into school from 'The Problem Solving Company' to set us some maths challenges today. We had a short amount of time to work in a team to complete the challenges set for us.

When we returned to our classrooms, we spent the day exploring lots of other interesting maths problem solving provision.

20th November 2018

A Police Investigation in Moons!

On Tuesday morning when we arrived at school our room was in chaos! There were books and cushions scattered all over the place and bowls and spoons on the floor. Someone had been in our classroom uninvited and we used all the clues to work out who - it had to be Goldilocks! We called the local police and PC Luke Cooper came in to investigate the crime scene and take witness statements and descriptions of the criminal.

5th November 2018

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Our focus story for this half term will be Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  Please take a look at this version of the story at home with your child by clicking the link below.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

24th September 2018

The Three Little Pigs

Our focus story for this half term will be The Three Little Pigs. Please take a look at this version of the story at home with your child by clicking the link below.

The Three Little Pigs


5th September 2018

Our First Day At School!

On Wednesday we all came to our new FS2 class for the very first time. We were really excited about it, as you can see!

We had lots of fun playing in and exploring our new classrooms and made loads of new friends. Take a look at some of the things we got up to in the gallery below.