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    Sports Day 2018

Today it was our Sports day. We had lots of fun with our PE teacher Mr Macmillan and Mrs Baig. We enjoyed a relay race, a sprint race, hurdle race, obstacle race, water race, a penalty shoot and a bean bag shuttle race.


Today we have been exploring how different parts of a plant help a plant survive. We dissected a plant, labelled the different parts, discussed what we think how the different parts of a plant work to help a plant survive. We also learnt the processes of pollination and photosynthesis. We thoroughly enjoyed our interesting science lesson and the thought provoking discussions which clarified lots of our thoughts and ideas about plant survival.


Today we were very lucky to have the Animal man visit us. He shared a lot of interesting facts about the different animals we saw and touched. We saw a tortoise from Russia, a Pink Toe tarantula from Costa Rica, a Common Boa Constrictor from Brazil, a Hen from China and a Lion head rabbit from the Netherlands. If your not sure what these animals look like. Have a look at our pictures!



Today we had lots of fun making our windmills. We used our designs to help us and learnt lots of different skills to create our windmills.



We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Eid. We had parties in our classes with dancing, party games and food!


 This morning we gave it our all for Macmillan Cancer Support, dancing for half an hour in the hall! Thank you to everyone who generously donated £1 for this worthwhile cause.

get Up and Dance for Macmillan Cancer Support


Our trip to the Botanical gardens.

 We had a wonderful, sunny day at the Botanical gardens to link with our topic of 'The environment' We discovered rainforest seeds, tribal artefacts and preserved creepy crawlies to better understand this fascinating environment of the rainforest. We learnt about where tropical rainforests are situated, the animals that inhabit them and why they are so endangered. We found out how rainforest plants grow and adapt to their unique environment. Also, we discovered which rainforest plants we eat and which we wear, as well as a whole host of others that are part of our everyday lives. We were also very lucky to meet some real life animals. These included, a corn Snake, Panther Chameleon, Giant African Land Snail and Stick Insects. 


Our topic this term is 'The Environment'

In our design and technology sessions we are learning all about renewable and non - renewable energy. We used laptops and i pads to research and then collated our findings as a team and recorded on large sheets of sugar paper. We are going to use this information to help us write a report later on. 


We found out that renewable energy comes from natural resources that are naturally replenished, such as sunlight, wind and waves and that  non-renewable energy comes from natural resources that are not naturally replenished, such as oil and coal.



This week in English we will be looking at the features of poetry. We have explored poetry by Giles Andreae and found examples of rhyme, alliteration, repetition and onomatopoeia. 

You can find a selection of his poems here ...


22.05.18 / 23.05.18


Our visit to the synagogue

As part of our diversity week we visited the central synagogue in Birmingham.  We found out lots of interesting facts during our visit.

The synagogue is the Jewish place of worship, but is also used as a place to study, and often as a community centre as well. Jewish men and boys always wear hats when they are saying prayers which mention God's name. These hats are called a kippah. Adult men  often wear a Tallit or prayer shawl for morning prayer. A Tallit has fringes (called tzitzit) on the edges to remind the wearer to observe God's commandments. We also had an opportunity to open the Ark, which is a cupboard where the Torah Scrolls, which contain the text of the Hebrew Bible, are kept.   We were also able to look at the Eternal Light (called Ner Tamid) that hangs above the Ark. This light is always burning, as a symbol of God's presence.

22nd and 23rd May: Well, we were truly blessed with some lovely weather for our visit to the Eco-Park this week. What glorious sunshine we had! Over the two mornings all the children in Year 2 had the opportunity for some hands-on science activities. They all spent some time learning about what a plant needs to grow strong and healthy, before planting their own sunflower seeds which they have brought back to school. They also spent some time carefully looking closely at an area of plants and flowers to then produce what they saw in some super observational drawings. In our third activity the children heard a short story about a caterpillar called Cecil who last year ate all the leaves on some of the trees at the Eco-Park. Luckily the leaves have grown back so we could go and search for the trees and learn their names from their different leaves. A fantastic couple of mornings as you can see from our slideshow ...



In groups we created our own patterns. We then wrote rules for our patterns using half turn / full turn / quarter turn / left / right / clockwise and anti clockwise.

Can you guess what our rules were? 



This week in Maths we are exploring position and direction. 

We will be using mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement including movement in a straight line and distinguishing between rotation as a turn and in terms of right angles for quarter, half and three-quarter turns (clockwise and anti-clockwise). 

We will also be ordering and arranging combinations of mathematical objects in patterns and sequences.

Have a look at some of our challenges this week. Can you solve them? 


Over Thursday and Friday we have been participating in a range of activities in preparation for the royal wedding. We baked chocolate chip cookies, made sparkly crowns and festive bunting for our grand party.



A BIG well done to all of our year two children who have completed their SATs last week. We are very proud of you all. 



This week in Maths we are measuring using a ruler (cm) and a metre stick (m). We have measured a range of objects and compared the length and height of objects using <  >  = 

Have a look at some of our challenges. 

16.4.18 - English

Over the next three weeks we will be immersed in the beautiful story of 'The Flower' written by John Light. A story based on a world without flowers and one little boy's struggle to bring the beauty of flowers back into the world. By the end of the three weeks, we will have written our own version of the story so please pop in to class and enjoy!

Today we entered our blank classroom and a single pink flower. It made us think a lot about how we would feel if our world was like the one in the story. 



This week our art focus is Easter. We have been decorating balloons with squares of fabric stuck on with PVA glue, these will be our Easter baskets. We used cotton wool balls to cover paper bowls and cut out lamb faces and legs. These will be our Easter hats. We are very excited about our visit from the Easter Bunny. Look out for our completed baskets and hats later on this week. 



This week in Maths we are continuing to learn all about fractions. We were given some really tricky challenges. We worked in teams to order the fractions from smallest to largest. Can you order these fractions?

1/2        1/4       2/4       3/4       1/3       2/3       3/3  


Today we recorded our non - chronological reports about Antarctica and Australia. We worked in small groups and decided who would be saying what. Some of us talked about the weather, some of us about location and some about the physical and human features. It was very important that we used a clear voice and actions to make our advert exciting for the audience. 


As part of our Science and Design and Technology this half term we have been looking at the suitability of different materials. We carried out a range of science investigations to find out what materials would keep something cool for longer and what materials would keep things warmer for longer. 

We then used the information we found out in our investigations to help us design and build a house. Some of us built houses suitable for Antarctica and some of us for Australia. 

We had a criteria to follow. Our houses had to have a door, two windows, a roof and no base (this is so we can use them for our Science experiment later on this week).

We are very proud of our houses, what do you think? Can you see what materials we used? 


This week in Maths we are exploring fractions. We began by understanding the meaning of equal groups and then finding 1/2 and 1/4 of a shape and quantity. Have a look at some of our challenges. Can you answer them? 



This week in Maths we have been exploring shape. We have been investigating how many faces, vertices and edges 3D shapes have. We had lots of fun creating our own 3D shapes. 

Thank you to the parents who attended our Year Two SATS meeting.

How can you help your child be ready for SATS?


  • First and foremost, support and reassure your child that there is nothing to worry about and that they should always just try their best. Praise and encourage!
  • Ensure your child has the best possible attendance at school.
  • Support your child with any homework tasks.
  • Reading, spelling and arithmetic (e.g. times tables) are always good to practise.
  • Talk to your child about what they have learnt at school and what book(s) they are reading (the character, the plot, their opinion).
  • Make sure your child has a good sleep and healthy breakfast every morning!


How can I help in Maths? 

  • Play times tables games.
  • Play mental maths games including counting in different amounts, forwards and backwards.
  • Encourage opportunities for telling the time.
  • Encourage opportunities for counting coins and money e.g. finding amounts or calculating change when shopping.
  • Look for numbers on street signs, car registrations and anywhere else.
  • Look for examples of 2D and 3D shapes around the home.
  • Identify, weigh or measure quantities and amounts in the kitchen or in recipes.
  • Play games involving numbers or logic, such as dominoes and card games. 


How can I help in reading?

Listening to your child read can take many forms:

  • First and foremost, focus developing an enjoyment and love of reading.
  • Enjoy stories together – reading stories to your child is equally as important as listening to your child read.
  • Read a little at a time but often, rather than rarely but for long periods of time!
  • Talk about the story before, during and afterwards – discuss the plot, the characters, their feelings and actions, how it makes you feel, predict what will happen and encourage your child to have their own opinions.
  • Look up definitions of words together – you could use a dictionary, the Internet or an app on a phone or tablet.
  • All reading is valuable – it doesn’t have to be just stories. Reading can involve anything from fiction and non-fiction, poetry, newspapers, magazines, football programmes, TV guides.
  • Visit the local library - it’s free!


Here are the links for you to follow to find previous SATS papers.






We continued our trip around the world today by visiting the Antarctic. It was very cold! We wrapped up warm with our coats, hats, gloves and boots. We found out that The Antarctic is a polar region, around the South Pole. We created flags and fact files about the animals that live there. We loved learning about emperor penguins and seals. Did you know the world’s coldest temperature ever recorded was in the Antarctic. It reached -89.2°C in 1983!





As part of our topic 'Around The World' we have been learning about Australia. Today we put on our shorts, t shirts, sunglasses and caps and headed to Australia. We had lots of fun exploring Australia on a map and listening to the national anthem. We took part in a quiz all about Australia, created flags, fact files about Australian animals and thought about what clothes we would need when dressing a person. 


World book day

We all have enjoyed World book day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and so did our teachers! We enjoyed reading with children from reception and shared lots of different stories and talked about the pictures in the books. We had lots of fun reading to children from different classes.




We are continuing with our topic 'Around the World' We have been exploring the differences between Australia and Antarctica. We have spent time researching online and using a range of books from the school library. We then used the information we found to create some wonderful posters. We included lots of features of a non chronological report, such as, headings, subheadings, pictures and captions. 

1.03.18 - A reply to our letter!

After writing letters full of questions about World War II to Mrs Phipps, who experienced what life was like to be an evacuee during World War II, we waited excitedly for a reply.

Today, each year 2 class received a letter from Mrs Phipps answering all of our questions in depth. The letter is thoughtful, heartfelt and helped us to gain a better understanding of what life was like in the war and the struggles that people faced on a day to day basis.

Thank you to Mrs Phipps for taking the time to respond to our letters. We will treasure your letter and will continue to share your experiences for generations to come. 

With love from all the children and staff in year 2.

16.02.18      What a wonderful end to our mini topic of WW2 in Small Heath. The children have had a fantastic time learning about the changes in Small Heath during the war and the impact on the local community. In particular the child evacuees who were sent from the city to the countryside. 

Today we got to share some of this with our wonderful parents, who sampled some rations. They had a choice of potato scones and honey biscuits. The children then sang 'The White Cliffs of Dover' and shared some of their amazing diary entries as evacuees. The children then finished with 'It's A Long Way To Tipperary', with the parents then being invited back into classes to hear some more fantastic diary entries. 

Thank you to those wonderful parents who joined us for our rations workshop. We explored the meaning of rations and how it had an impact on the community during the war. We learnt that many people grew their own vegetables during this time, potatoes being one of them! We followed a recipe and created our own potato scones. 

Friday 9th February 2018 - A Day in the Life of an Evacuee...

Our day as evacuees taught us a lot about what it was like to be evacuated to the countryside during World War 2. We came to school dressed up as evacuees and explored photographs of evacuees saying goodbye to their parents at train stations, before leaving for the safety of the countryside. We created charcoal drawings of these images too! We practised our times tables and enjoyed reading a range of diary entries, written by evacuees and other children who have explored what it was like to be an evacuee. We were transfixed by snippets of the film ' Goodnight Mr Tom', which helped us to imagine what it would be like to arrive in a strange , yet safe, place and stay with a new family. We are now looking forward to our parent workshop on Monday where we will be exploring how rations affected the daily lives of people around Europe.

31.01.18 Thank you to Mrs Bicknell for visiting Neptune and teaching us all about rations and sharing with us your Grandmother's christening gown and your Grandfather's war medals.


Our trip to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.


We had a fantastic day visiting Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as the introduction to our new topic of 'Around the World'. We began our adventure by visiting the Ancient Egypt Gallery. We explored artefacts from over 3000 years of Egyptian life and culture. It included pottery and items from daily life as well as Egyptian gods, amulets and mummies (which were our favourite). We then travelled through Iraq, Iran and Greece. We were able to see art and objects from Europe and found out about world history and culture, including Ancient Greeks & Romans.


We finished our around the world trip, right back here in Birmingham exploring the fascinating history of the city by travelling back in time to Birmingham’s medieval beginnings. Visited an 18th century town, and Victorian Birmingham. We also explored the roles Birmingham people played in the two world wars. This will be helping us in our History work, when we explore the life of a child evacuee during WW2. 





 As part of our computing this half term (Spring 1) we have been exploring old and new technology. We have been amazed at how much technology has changed. We took part in an inventor competition, designing a new technology for the future. Have a look at some of our designs, they even include a flying car! 

15.01.18 - Happy new Year and welcome back to school. Today we were very lucky to have an artist called Peter  in school working with Year 2. All the children in Neptune spent the afternoon with him learning lots of new skills and using pastels to create a landscape picture in the style of Claude Monet. We think we did rather well and Peter thought so too!

Week beginning: 18th December

This week we are enjoying lots of fun Christmas activities. We have been using the technique of quilling to create our Christmas trees on the front of our cards. We then added glitter for extra sparkle! We hope that family and friends enjoy receiving them.

This week we have also created our beautiful calendars. We started by creating a line drawing of an open flower. We then used water colour paints to paint our flowers. Once they were dry we picked out the detail in the centre of the flower using glitter. 


Father Christmas

We had a wonderful time at our Christmas party. We ate party food, danced and even had a visit from Father Christmas!

Talk for writing text - Film review

For the next three weeks we will be learning about the features of a persuasive review. So far, we have explored alliteration, emotive and persuasive language. We will apply these features when writing our own review about the story 'Father Christmas' by Raymond Briggs

This term in Maths we have been working very hard to become 'masters'. We are gaining lots of confidence in using a wide range of equipment to help us solve some really tricky Maths problems. This term we have explored place value, addition, subtraction, money and multiplication. 


Week beginning 4th December.

In Geography we have been learning about the countries that make up the United Kingdom. We created our own maps of the United Kingdom and added the seas that surround it. We used laptops and a range of information books to research the different countries. We then recorded our presentations to show to the rest of the class. 

Walk of the local area

13th November 2017


As part  of our Geography topic we went on a walk of the local area.  During our walk we created a map of the local area. We placed local landmarks and added road names to our map. We also recorded our route on an i pad and used the footage to help us create a more detailed map back at school. 


Friday 20th October

After researching what local birds might like to eat we all made bird feeders. We used meal worms, peanuts, sunflower seeds and raisins, all in lard, in different feeders and Mrs Pearson took these up to the Eco Park. Today we walked to the Eco Park to see what had been eaten. Our observations informed our conclusions and we had lots of discussion about why some feeders might have been emptier than others, why some feeders had disappeared altogether and what might have taken them.

Year 2 sleepover 

Thursday 19th October 


45 year 2 children had a wonderful time at the sleepover in the school hall. We enjoyed eating tea, watching a movie and a night time walk with torches. 

Reading morning and Bake sale

On Wednesday we had lots of parents join us to read and buy our scrumptious flapjacks. We packed our flapjacks in the packaging we created during our Design and Technology lessons. We raised lots of money for our charity UNICEF. Thank you to all the parents who participated in all our activities and helped us raise money for our charity.

Parent workshop

On Monday 9th October we had parents come in and help us to bake flapjacks and create our packaging for them. We are raising money for our charity UNICEF. UNICEF is a charity that  supports innovative programmes that give the most vulnerable children the chance to learn.


Thank you to all the parents for coming in and helping us.

Art day

We have had a lovely day during Art day. We have been producing art work inspired by Arcimboldo Giuseppe, painting different fruits and vegetables to create a collage for our school display. Please come and see our display in the school hall.


In Neptune we are now learning how to write a set of instructions. Below you will find our new talk 4 writing map. Please learn this at home.


Well done to the children of Neptune for their wonderful class assembly on healthy eating. I think you will agree the children did a fantastic job!

Can you remember the five different food groups?

This week in Neptune we have been learning an adventure story.  It is called 'The Unstoppable Maggie Magee'. Here is our story map, please practise this at home.


Roald Dahl Day


Welcome to a brand new year 

Our topic this term is Aiming High. 

We started off the school year with a fantastic art day. 

We explored the work of Carol Thompson and created our own art worked based around kites. 

We used chalk pastels to create our background, learning about colour, contrast, blending and shading. 

We then created our block colour kites in the foreground.