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Monday 12th November.


Today we have been comparing past and present pictures of Small Heath. We have noticed lots of differences, can you?

9th November 2018

Today we finished painting our poppies that we had designed and created from clay earlier this week. Next Friday we shall be visiting the Eco Park with the rest of Year 2 to create our memorial to the brave servicemen and women who have died and fought to protect our country.

Thursday 8th November:

We have had a super day at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Our main focus was to find out about our local area and the effect on it of the World Wars. We spent lots of time looking at artefacts, listening to stories from local residents, reading about their experiences and even answering quizzes to extend our knowledge. After lunch we had time to explore other areas of the museum finding the exhibit on Ancient Egypt particularly fascinating.


Thank you for your generous contributions to our Harvest Box. All our boxes were designed around an animal and in Saturn we chose to create an owl box. All your donations will be going to support homeless people in Birmingham through the charity Sifa Fireside.

Thursday 25th October - Friday 26th October 2018 - Sleepover!

Well done to all of you who stayed over at school for fun, games, food and lots of time to enjoy socialising with your friends. You have all come back to school with more confidence.

Have a look at the fun we had!


Thank you to all of the parents who came to our bake sale and reading morning in aid of Birmingham Children's hospital.  We are very grateful for your generosity.

Monday 22nd October 2018

What a fabulous afternoon we had at our parents workshop. We used our Talk4Writing instructions to make flapjacks ready for our bake sale tomorrow morning. Then we created posters to advertise the bake sale and let everyone in Saturn know that they can be bought at our reading morning for 50p, with all money raised going to Birmingham Children's hospital.

Thank you to all our lovely parents that were able to join us this time.


This week we have been working towards our fundraising event for Birmingham Children's Hospital. In our D&T lessons we have designed packaging to use with our flapjacks that will be made next week. First we looked at lots of packaging to identify the features that we needed to include ourselves, then we planned our own packaging. We used our cutting skills to carefully cut out our 'cuboid net' before transferring our designs to our finished product. The trickiest part was when we had to try to join the edges to create our box. 

Monday 15th October 2018 - Instructions and art fun!

Today we read and followed instructions for our chosen creative activity. Rose cards were made in Mercury, leaf printing fun was in Neptune and glitter mobiles were made in Saturn. We looked at the heading, what we needed, the instructions and any tips to help us. We will use these ideas when writing our own instructions for our hot write.



We have had a fantastic week continuing our learning about Florence Nightingale. We were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Nend who used to be a part of St John's ambulance. She taught us how to dress a burn, a wound and how to place someone in the recovery position. We learnt about how important it was to know what do to in an emergency situation. 


We also had a visit from Birmingham Children's hospital, they told us all about the amazing work they do. We will be holding a bake sale in order to raise money for them! 

Friday 5th October:

In science this week we thought about the question 'Which bird is the most popular in Small Heath?'. We discussed that in science the word popular does not mean which is our favourite but means which bird there is the most of. We decided to try to find out by making bird feeders using the favourite food of 5 birds that we have seen in Small Heath; robins, sparrows, blue-tits, pigeons and magpies. We found out that robins like mealworms, sparrows like sunflower seeds, blue-tits like peanuts, pigeons like seeds and magpies like fruit so we mixed these with fat before squashing into pine cones to create our own 'fat-balls'. Mrs Pearson hung them in different parts of the Eco-Park and today we went to see what had been eaten. We only found the fat balls with sunflower seeds left although there were remnants of the fruit fat balls on the bird table and ground nearby. Next week we will be discussing the results further and trying to finally answer our question.

Whilst we were at the Eco-Park we also took the opportunity to listen carefully to the bird calls, look out for any birds we might see in the trees or flying overhead and also to notice the changes taking place in nature around us by collecting as many different coloured leaves that had fallen from the trees as we could find. We also enjoyed a moment of mindfulness, standing peacefully and just watching these beautiful colours floating to the ground around us as they left the trees, carried on the breeze.

1st October - 5th October

Instructions: This week we have begun to learn our new text 'How to make Flapjacks.'

We have been learning our new Talk4Writing map (see below), looking more deeply at the features of an information text by finding examples of 'headings', 'hooks', 'what you need', 'instructions' and 'tips' sections in a variety of information texts. We have been practising giving our friends a set of precise instructions to follow to see if they could successfully change their shoes for their pumps. We even took the opportunity of our visit to the Eco-Park to practise following instructions to find our way around and to collect as many different colours as we could find in Autumn leaves.

Friday 21st September:

Roald Dahl Day

We had a lovely morning dressed up as Roald Dahl characters, raising money for charity.  We had Matilda, Danny Champion of the World, George (George's Marvellous Medicine), Fantastic Mr Fox, The Grand High Witch (The Witches) to name but a few.

We found out about Roald Dahl and listened to the story of The Enormous Crocodile (some of the characters are shown below).


'Miss Nightingale' came to visit us today so that she could answer lots of questions that we had for her. She brought with her the medal she was awarded from Queen Victoria for her work in Scutari Hospital, a lamp and her sash that she had had made for all her nurses working at the hospital in Scutari.

The children had thought carefully about the questions they would like to ask. Here are just a few:

What do you like doing most at work because I would like seeing people get better most?         How many soldiers were in the hospital?

Was you lamp heavy to carry?         Why did you want to work as a nurse?              Do you have lots of friends?

18.09.18 Florence Nightingale Role Play .

Today we imagined that we were Florence Nightingale and her nurses or the soldiers they cared for. We followed the journey that Florence and the 38 nursed took. First we travelled by horse-drawn coaches from London to Southampton (it was very bumpy and uncomfortable). before we got on a boat to France. We had to travel through France to get on another much smaller boat called The Vectis in Marseille to travel the rest of the way to Scutari. The sea was very rough and we were tossed and turned and soaked with water from the crashing waves. A lot of us felt sea-sick! The conditions in the hospital were terrible. When we arrived the stench from rats, human waste and disease was unbearable! The poor soldiers only had straw for a bed on the floor, rotting food to eat and dirty water to drink. Luckily Florence was helped by her nurses to clean the hospital and make the soldiers better, giving them fresh food and clean water as well as beds with clean sheets.


There is some more information about Florence Nightingale below:

Who was Florence Nightingale?

Florence Nightingale was a truly inspirational nurse.

Why is Florence Nightingale Famous?

Florence Nightingale is famous for her nursing work during the Crimean War (1854 - 56). She changed the face of map

nursing from a mostly untrained profession to a highly skilled and well-respected medical profession with very

important responsibilities.

Crimean War

In 1854 Florence Nightingale was asked to go to Turkey to manage the nursing of British soldiers wounded in the

Crimean War (1854 - 56). She traveled to Scutari (the location where the wounded and ill soldiers of the Crimean War

were taken) to help the wounded soldiers.

She found the hospital conditions to be in a very poor state. Many of the wounded were unwashed and were sleeping in 

overcrowded, dirty rooms without blankets or decent food. In these conditions diseases such as typhus, cholera and dysentery

spread quickly. As a result, the death rate amongst wounded soldiers was very high. Most soldiers died from infections and disease.

(Only one in six died from their war wounds; the other five in six died from infections and disease.)

Florence and her nurses changed these conditions. They set up a kitchen, fed the wounded from their own supplies and asked for help from the wives of the wounded. They were then able to properly care for the ill and wounded and the death rate among the soldiers dropped. 


What a lovely start to the new school year we have had in Saturn. All the children came back looking very smart and were happy to be back with their friends and new teachers. They have all promised to work really hard this year but also to try and have lots of fun too.