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Academy Conversion Consultation 


Many of you will be aware of the changes that are happening in education nationally and that the government is encouraging all schools to consider converting to academy status.

The governing body are rightly very proud of what Marlborough Infant children achieve and we want to be as well placed as we possibly can to continue to do the very best for our children and for the community.

We want to protect what we value educationally now and for the long term. Governors have therefore applied to the Department for Education to become an Academy within Leigh Trust.

At a special meeting on 28th September 2017 Governors of Marlborough Infant and Nursery School discussed whether conversion is in the best interests of the school, its children and the local community.

As a consequence of the meeting the governors took the decision to apply to the Department for Education to convert to an academy and join Leigh Trust, a multi academy Trust. The Governors wish to consult with all members of our community.

This does not mean we have agreement to convert but that we wish to seek the views of all our community to inform our final decision.

To support parents/carers in developing their knowledge and understanding of what is involved in becoming an academy we have prepared an information document for you to read and this is also available to view online on our website

We shall also include staff, children and members of the wider community in the consultation process.

The school will be holding two consultation meetings for parents / carers at 9am and 6pm on Monday 2nd July 2018. All parents are invited to attend one of the consultation meetings.

For those parent/carers who need more clarification around the subject of academy conversion we will be holding two drop in sessions on Thursday 5th July 2018 at 9am.

Alternatively you can email us with questions and views at or complete the Leave your Comments form and return it to school.

We strongly encourage you to complete and return any comments to us by Thursday 19th July 2018 in order that your opinions are considered in the consultation process.

We look forward to your feedback.


What will an ACADEMY CONVERSION mean for Marlborough Infants School?

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Letter to the Parents

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Feedback page

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