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Marlborough Infant & Nursery School

In reaching for the stars every child will achieve their goals and fulfill their true potential.



We hold many different workshops throughout the year for parents and families.  These are to show you what we do in school and to help you to help your children at home.  Any slideshows or handouts we use will be linked to this page for you to look at, at your leisure.


Please keep checking here to see the up and coming workshops at the school. 


Summer Term
 New to School 21st June 4pm-5pm  Information for New Parents
 FS1 12th May 2017 9am-9.30am or 3pm-3.30pm  Assessment and Progress Workshop
 Year 2 11th May 2017 3pm-3.30pm Assessment and Progress Workshop
Year 1 9th May 2017 3pm-3.30pm  Assessment and Progress Workshop 
 FS2 8th May 2017 3pm-3.30pm  Assessment and Progress Workshop
  Year 1 27th April 2017 3pm-3.30pm  Phonics Screening Check Workshop 
 Spring Term
 Year 2 6th April 2017 3pm-3.30pm  SATs Workshop
FS2 - Stars 14th March 2017 3pm-3.30pm Reading Workshop
FS2 - Comets 15th March 2017 3pm-3.30pm Reading Workshop
FS2 - Moons 16th March 2017 3pm-3.30pm Reading Workshop
Autumn Term
 Year 1 19th September 2016 3pm-3.30pm Meeting about Active Learn for Homework
 Year 2 20th September 2016 3pm-3.30pm  Meeting about Active Learn for Homework
 Year 2 13th October 2016  Health for Life Family Workshop 
 Year 1 20th October 2016 Heath for Life Family Workshop


Inspire Workshops

Inspire Workshops are fun and exciting workshops hosted in each year group every half term. They are an opportunity for all parents and carers to come into school and spend time with their child learning about an area related to their year group.

The workshops are hosted by year group teachers and teaching assistants. They involve parents coming along to Marlborough, working with their children and enjoying a morning or an afternoon of learning together.

The Inspire sessions vary across year groups and include a variety of activities such as model making, map making, mathematics games, arts and crafts, sewing, science activities, reading, storytelling and word games.

The sessions are intended to encourage speech and language development and to enhance relationships and communication between parents and children.


Workshops schedules so far for this year are:

 Summer Term  
 Year 1  25th April 2017 Gardening Workshop (Science)
Year 2   13th July 2017 Enterprise Workshop 
Spring Term  
 Reception  17th March 2017 9am-9.30am Reading in Class
 Year 2 31st March 2017 9am-9.30am  Reading in Class 
Reception  4th April 2017  Easter Activities (Art) 
Year 1  7th April 2017 9am-9.30am  Reading in Class 
Autumn Term  
 Year 2 7th October 2016 9am-9.30am  Reading in Class
 Year 1  14th October 2016 9am-9.30am  Reading in Class
 Reception  21st October 2016 9am-9.30am Reading in Class 
 Year 2  14th November 2016 Build a Rocket (D&T)
 Year 1 22nd November 2016  Make a Superhero Cape (D&T)