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In reaching for the stars every child will achieve their goals and fulfill their true potential.


During the planning, teaching and organisation of mathematics we aim to:

Develop numerate children who can:

  • Have a sense of the size of a number and where it fits into the number system
  • Know by heart number facts (number bonds, times tables, doubles and halves)
  • Use what they know by heart to figure out answers mentally
  • Calculate accurately, both mentally and with pencil and paper, drawing on a range of calculation strategies
  • Make sense of number problems, including non routine problems and recognise the operations needed to solve them
  • Have strategies for checking their answers to judge whether they are reasonable
  • Explain their methods and reasoning using correct mathematical terms
  • Suggest suitable units for measuring, and make sensible estimates
  • Explain and make predictions from the numbers in graphs, charts and tables
  • Take pleasure in solving problems, puzzles and "real-life" mathematical activities

To achieve this we will provide a wide and varied curriculum in mathematics, showing differentiation in pace and method of delivery in such a way as to make the whole content accessible to each child.

All lessons broadly follow the guidelines of the 2014 Primary Mathematics Curriculum.

All children will be entitled to a daily lesson devoted to mathematics.

Most lessons will follow a similar pattern:

  • Whole class work 
  • Individual or group work
  • Plenary session


What will my child be learning about in Maths this year?

Please click on the relevant link to see the Medium Term (half termly) plans for your child this year.

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Please Click on the link below to see our school's Mathematics policy.

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