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Welcome to Comets!

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World Book Day


Well done Comets, you all looked fabulous in your book character costumes.

Pyjama Day


As part of World Book Day, we came to school in our pyjamas and we had a parent workshop. We read lots of bedtime stories.


Bedtime Stories Workshop


Thank you to the parents who attended our workshop. It was an outstanding turn out and we enjoyed reading stories with our parents. A special thank you to the dads who came to to read!

Reading Day


What a lovely day in Comets, as we spent the whole day reading in our pyjamas. We read by the table, under the tables, on the whiteboard and in the playground. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Take a look at the caterpillar that we made. 

Making Pizza


We decided to cook pizza in our cooking session today because it is National Pizza Day tomorrow. We watched videos on how to make pizza and then we made our own healthy pizza. We chose our own toppings to go on our pizza. We had lots of choices such as cheese, mushrooms and peppers. We had lots of fun making healthy pizzas!

Special Mathematicians


Well done to all children for receiving an award!

Number Day


We have been busy Mathematicians today!

National Story Week


As part of the special week, we have been re-telling the story of Peace At Last in our Literacy lessons. We then made a whole class book, by re-writing the story in our own words and illustrating the book. 

Peace at Last Workshop


What a lovely start to our new year! Thank you to all the parents who attended our workshop! Mr Bear will be able to have a goodnight sleep after sleeping in the beds and cars that you junk modeled.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the parents, from Comets. We hope that you enjoy your Christmas break. Hopefully, we will see you in the New Year, on Wednesday 9th January!

A Leaving Gift From Mrs Cooper


Thank you Mrs Cooper for some lovely gifts for our mindfulness corner. We loved the teddy, candle, lights and a story book. We will miss you and we wish you all the best for the future!

A Surprise In Comets


A surprise found in Comets this morning. However, where is Elf? Ask your children about what was inside the treasure box?

Reading Buddies


Thank you to 6F for coming down and reading with us in our classroom. We hope to read again with you soon!

Christmas Continuous Provision


Our provision ready for next week!


What has the Elf done today? 

Christmas Party


Take a look at some of the pictures from our Christmas party. We danced to Christmas music and then we ate our party food! Thank you to the parents for attending our party! 

Our Special Visitor!


We had a special visitor who delivered our presents at school. Take a look at the picture to see our special visitor! We even gave him a present to take home.

Christmas Jumper Day


Well done Comets! You came dressed in your lovely Christmas jumpers and home clothes, ready for the party this afternoon! You all looked lovely!

Christmas Nativity 


We have been busy learning all about why Christians celebrate Christmas. We learnt that baby Jesus was born, that is why we celebrate Christmas. We give gifts to our family and friends, because gifts were given to baby Jesus when baby Jesus was born. It is good to celebrate every religion and know the importance of every religion! We dressed up as characters from the nativity story. 

The Elf!


What has the Elf done today! He has been very naughty again! Can you see the Elf!

School Christmas Dinner


We had a lovely Christmas dinner today. We even pulled some Christmas crackers! 

Presents From 6A


Thank you 6A for coming to our class with lovely presents and a Christmas card. We enjoyed having your company!


The Christmas Tree


We set up and decorated our tree, ready for Christmas!

Special Delivery


We had a special delivery in our class this morning. It was a parcel, left by Father Christmas. He left us the Elf and told us to keep an eye on him as he can be naughty! Stay tuned to see if the Elf gets up to any mischief!

Christmas Continuous Provision


Have a look a the Christmas activities set up around our classroom, ready for next week! Our focus for the next two weeks will be all about Christmas! Stay tuned to all the fun that we will be getting up to in the next two weeks!

Reading Buddies


We had a fabulous time reading with class 6A in the juniors. Thank you to 6A for helping us read our reading books.

Numicon City


Our Maths activity, for our continuous provision had a focus on numicon. We used numicon to do some maths problem solving. We had to arrange the numicon pieces and select the correct numicon shapes to fit the correct super hero towers.  

Science In Early Years


The tuff spot is all ready and set up for next weeks continuous provision! Our tuff spot will now be based around science activities, to meet the understanding of the world scale points. Our focus for next week is colour mixing, to explore what happens when we mix colours. We will use primary colours to make secondary colours! Very useful especially if we run out of a specific coloured paint so that wr can make our own colour paint. Have a look at the activity set up ready for next week! Thank you yo Mrs Roberts, our science lead for ordering us some super equipment to make science engaging! 

Cooking Porridge


In Comets, we have been busy cooking porridge and it tasted delicious! We talked about how we are going to cook the porridge. We added 1 full cup of porridge oats and 1 and a half full cup of milk. We linked our cooking with our Maths as we have been learning about capacity in Maths. We stirred the porridge with a wooden spoon. Then we saw steam coming out of the pan. We said that steam was coming out of the pan because the porridge was hot. We then chose our toppings, which were a choice between strawberries and chocolate sprinkles. We also added sugar. We talked about the texture of the porridge. 

Ingredients To Make Porridge


As we are going to cook porridge in our Fridays cooking session, we decided to write a shopping list of the ingredients that we would need. We wrote a whole class shopping list ready for Mrs Iqbal, so that Mrs Iqbal could buy the ingredients. We talked about what type of porridge we would like to make and the toppings that we can add on top of our porridge!


Morning Linked


Every morning, we come in to our classroom, with lots of activities set up to help us with our fine motor, Maths and Literacy. Our morning linked takes place from 8.45 up until 9.00, every morning. Therefore it is very important that we come to school on time, every day. 


Maths Problem Solving Day


We had so much fun taking part in the problem solving activities set up in the hall, organised by Mrs Shumaila. We solved lots of problems such as filling a large triangle with some different shapes such as a trapezium. We had to make a large square with lots of T shapes and made a wriggly worm and caterpillar by matching the colored spots on the hexagons.  It was a practical session with lots of learning going on.  We then came back in to our classroom where all the areas were set up with a Maths focus!

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Innovating Our Story


In our Literacy session, we have been innovating the story by changing the characters. We changed Goldilocks into a cat. How about you? What would you change Goldilocks to? 

A Poem By Shirley Hughes

During guided reading time, we read a poem by Shirley Hughes. We talked all about the poem using our describing words! Ask your child about the poem. 

Maths Day In Comets


We are all excited for our Maths Day tomorrow! Look at our activities set up, ready for the day ahead! 


Crime Scene In Comets


We had a problem in our classroom earlier on in the morning,  Our classroom had been messed up, the chairs were broken and there were some pieces of clothing left in the class. We phoned the police to come and investigate. PC Luke and Meghan came to our school and helped us find out who committed the crime. It was Goldilocks! We collected the evidence and put evidence in a sealed bag. We even collected the finger prints. 

Shape Hunt


In our Maths lesson we have been searching for shapes in our school environment. Take a look to see if you can name the shapes that we found! We talked about the properties of the shapes too!

Some useful Youtube videos to help you support your child with their learning!

Remembrance Day


In Comets we have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We painted poppies to remember the soldiers that fought in World War 1 and World War 2.  

Bonfire Edible Sparklers


In Comets, we have been cooking edible bonfire sparklers. Please take a look at our pictures. We used, bread sticks, sprinkles and icing sugar to make our edible sparklers. They tasted delicious!


Topic Session

During topic time, we looked at our different body parts. WE want head shoulders knees and toes song. THEN we drew around our friend and labelled the different parts of her body!

The Three Little Pigs

Look at the different activities going on in Comets which are linked to our story. The Three Little Pigs. We made character masks, made houses for the pigs and sequenced pictures from the story. 


WE have been busy planting lots of plants. Take a look at our pictures!

Roald Dahl

Well done Comets, you all looked fabulous in your costumes. Thank you parents!

Bedroom Role Play

WE have been reading bedtime stories in our bedroom role play! No phones or tablets are allowed in our bedroom!

Attendance Certificate

Well done Comets, we have received our first attendance certificate. Keep coming to school everyday so that we can get more certificates! 


We have been painting our self-portaraits, which is linked to our topic, All About Me.

We looked in the mirror and painted our faces. We talked about our different features, such as eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, mouth, ears, head and hair.

Outdoor Class

WE have been spending time outside in our outdoor area, learning on a large scale. 

Learning through play!

Look at all the lovely activities that have been taking place in our classroom! Well done to Comets who have settled in really well and made lots of new friends!


Our first week at school! We had lots of fun and started to make new friends!



We have been learning how to access the continuous provision. We had to learn how to do the activities and tidy up.