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Marlborough Infant & Nursery School

In reaching for the stars every child will achieve their goals and fulfill their true potential.



Attendance and Absence

Attendance figures are checked daily and a variety of initiatives encourage full attendance and good punctuality. Rewards for best class attendance are given weekly and certificates are given for individual 100% attendance. The school also participates in attendance schemes promoted by the Learning Mentor Support Service, currently the "Cool Cats Come To School" initiative, which rewards children for good attendance.


The Deputy Head Teacher works closely with the Educational Welfare Officer in dealing with families of children over 5 years of age who repeatedly keep their children away from school for no specific reason.


Children under 5 years of age, who have poor attendance, are in danger of losing their Nursery place.


In the event of absence please note the following:-

Parents are requested to inform the school office by 9:30 am on the first day of absence, if we do not have an explanation for the absence then someone from the school will contact you at home.


The number of absences will be included in your child’s end of year report.


Holidays during term time

The school takes your child’s attendance very seriously. All children must come to school every day.

Holidays in school time will not be accepted by the Head Teacher.

Your child is at risk of losing their school place if parents decide to take holidays during term time!!!



We require prior notice if your child is to be taken out of school for a medical appointment. You may be asked to show your appointment card

When collecting your child during the school day please report to the school office first.


Bad weather arrangements

In the event of snow or fog, it is assumed that the school will remain open unless circumstances make it impossible or unsafe, in which case the Local Authority and Head Teachers’ decision will be communicated via a text message and local radio. (BRMB and Heart FM).