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Marlborough Infant & Nursery School

In reaching for the stars every child will achieve their goals and fulfill their true potential.

Opportunities for Parents


At Marlborough Infant and Nursery School we have a close relationship with parents which supports and encourages all children to achieve their best.  We do this by working and talking together to nurture the children to develop trust, respect, confidence, independence, self-esteem and the desire to learn. 

The Aims of our Parent Partnership Policy:

  •  To communicate fully with parents to ensure that we all (parents, children, staff, governors) have the same purpose in mind – the needs, development and progress of the children.
  • To involve parents fully in school life and the school community.
  • To operate an Open Door Policy that encourages the fullest possible two-way communication between staff and parents.
  • To work in close co-operation with parents in order to ensure high standards of care and academic achievement for all of our children.
  • To provide an environment inclusive for all parents and their children, regardless of need, background or culture.
  • To provide support for parents as and when they may need it.

A welcoming and friendly environment for parents, carers and visitors:

 Parents are welcomed into the school at mutually convenient times to learn more about their children’s progress and to celebrate their successes.  There are numerous opportunities throughout the year (both formal and informal) to meet together and get to know each other. 


  • Induction events and home visits for parents of children starting their school life at Marlborough.
  • 2 Parental Conference sessions per year provide parents with up-to-date information on their children’s progress and current targets.
  • Meetings to discuss evaluate and update Individual Education Plans for children with special educational needs.
  • Individual meetings with a range of staff e.g. Head teacher, Deputy Head teacher, SENCO, class teacher, learning mentors, as appropriate to provide support and address any areas of concern,
  • Transition meetings and information when children move from Year 2 to the Junior School or from our Nursery to Reception.



These include:

  • A variety of class assemblies throughout the year.
  • Attendance and Graduation celebrations
  • Eid and Christmas parties
  • Coffee mornings and other charity events,
  • Open-door policy enables parents to chat to non class based staff throughout the day on any issues that may be worrying them.
  • All class teachers available after school to discuss any issues.
  • End of year family trip
  • INSPIRE sessions for every year group where parents are invited to join their children in the classroom to see the school at work.
  • Weekly Play and Stay sessions for pre-school children.
  • Half termly Read with your Child sessions.


We are continually updating and improving our communication systems.  Currently, parents receive regular updates from the school including:

  • Regular newsletters, information and curriculum letters
  • Annual Progress Reports in June
  • Termly attendance updates for good and >85% attendance
  • New updated interactive website which includes the facility to e-mail.
  • Home School Agreement
  • Parent notice boards
  • Texting system in place
  • Opportunities to talk to, e-mail or telephone Governors

Opportunities and support for parents

The school seeks to ensure all groups of parents/carers connected with the school are aware of training and enrichment opportunities available in the school and in the community by:

  • Running English, Maths and ICT Basic Skills courses in partnership with Birmingham Metropolitan College.
  • Offering “ Keeping Up with the Children” courses.
  • Offering leaflets and guidance on specific areas of the curriculum, e.g. reading to enable parents to support children at home.
  • Developing opportunities for parents of children with special educational needs to meet to share experiences and learn more about available support.
  • Supporting and signposting access to other agencies.
  • Supporting attendance.
  • Holding a weekly Stay and Play session for Pre-school children.
  • Providing training and an opportunity to aid the teaching of reading within school.

 We also seek to support those parents who would like their child to benefit from extended school provision, for example:

  • Breakfast club
  • Various after school clubs
  • Providing information of courses, summer schools etc run by other agencies.


We seek to ensure that all relevant school policies are effective and easy to read by parents.  Key policies are available on our website and we are able to support parents, by providing hard copies of policies and discussing policies with parents if they would like further information. We also offer some summary policies for parents where the full policy is long and may be less accessible, e.g. attendance policy, behaviour policy

Home/School Partnership

We believe that a strong home/school partnership is key to children’s emotional development, progress and growth as part of the community.  We encourage parents to support their children’s learning at home in a variety of ways, including:

  • jointly signing the Home/School agreement
  • reading with children as often as possible
  • visiting the library together
  • encouraging children to complete and return promptly any homework they have been given
  • talking with the teacher if they have any concerns regarding their children’s learning  or behaviour at school or at home.

Parental Feedback

The school will regularly seek parental views on a range of topics affecting pupils' education through questionnaires, surveys and verbal discussion. Feedback is valued and analysed and responses are seriously considered when planning future events.

 Final Statement:

We are committed to the highest possible level of Partnership with Parents and are always open to new suggestions on how we can improve.